Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cyber leaves

"Are these leaves?", by seeing this picture, you could hardly believe it....
But in this case you are totally wrong!
This structure is our new prototype which enables to inform a digital model through values coming from a feedback-loop of interaction between the wind (the agent) and the phsical model. The meas flex sensors that represent artificial leaves send electic signals to an Arduino Diecimila Board to an arduino-processingsoftware, that transform the given signals in values and finally send to grasshopper,which is able to interpretat them.

The currently used setup consist of an Arduino Diecimila and a 4x4 matrix of those meas sensors! Because the used Arudino can not handel that much inputs, we are also using multiplex chips to enable the use of the total of 16 sensors!

Work is still in progress! Stay tuned!

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  1. What kind of results do you expect? And what use do you think they could make in the future?