Saturday, 30 May 2009

C5 tedpoles reach STEP 5 of Morphing

After 2 days of high solar radiation and ideal water temperature the c5 teadpoles reach level 5 of morphing....5-6 days less then the usual time of transformation. The tedpoles in the B4 and D4 are still at level 3.......

Friday, 29 May 2009

Stem Cloud-C5 cell-tedpole growth

The optimisation of environmental agents like water temperature,nutrients and solar radiation increases the ted pole grow speed
The first image shows the cell c5 with the best environmental conditions.The tedpoles have the legs completely developed and reach level 4
On the other hand the second image shows the evolution step of B4 cell with normal pond enviromental parameters.The tedpolea are still at level 2.All the tedpoles in the Stem Incubator have the same D
ays life.

STEM cybernetic diagram feedback loop

The cybernetic diagram shows the complex system of feedback loop that links STEM testing bed, Environment agents,sensors,designer,softwares and interactive platform. In ecoLogic studio the designer is part of a structured scenario in wich ideas,data,instruments and product are all part of the same ciclical flux.Each elemenet is configurated as a multiple input/output agent that finds is complete nature only if is in constant relation with the systemic scenario.

Stem Cloud-Bio diversity Incubator

The cybernetic diagram explains how the STEMcloud testing box is actually developing a new structured concept of ecology. The ecosystem of the pond is analysed in his complexity how sum of different micro systems.Each micro system has a proper environmental nature,in which the main agents influence directly the evolution of his micro life.
The hexagonal STEM prototype is representing at the same time an important ecosystem diagram of the biodiversity and an incubator of life,in which the main agents are modified like parameters in order to show their influence on the speed of micro systems life evolution.